Seinfeld S8E1 – The Foundation – Elaine Benes J. Peterman Catalog Cover

“The Foundation” – Season 8 Episode 1

“After a nervous breakdown, J. Peterman runs off to Burma (thought you may know it as Myanmar) leaving Elaine in charge of his catalog. Kramer becomes a dominating martial arts expert at a karate academy for kids and convinces Elaine that she can run the company, which she does by putting her idea for the urban sombrero on the cover.”  – From Wikipedia




The J. Peterman company and catalog are actually real! However, in spite of never having an actual Urban Sombrero on the cover I made my own tribute version. Now you can have your own. This is the outside cover designed to fit around a real J. Peterman catalog. See if you can spot all the hidden Seinfeld references.  Please don’t order the real J.Peterman company catalog unless you intend to buy it’s clothing – just like any business they need your support. Download the artwork.


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